Property profitability starts and ends here

Consultation & planning

Take advantage of our real-estate consultation and planning service.We advise you on all aspects of creating the most efficient BnB. Our goal is to create the perfect guest experience and stay on top of the market. That’s why we offer:

  • Free first evaluation

  • Detailed revenue forecasts

  • Improvements to make your home more profitable

  • Optimal implementation of the above

The perfect listing

With our marketing process, we’ll create and upload your BnB listing to 100+ BnB platforms. E.g. halu!, Airbnb,, Expedia, Tripadvisor, etc.). This service includes:


  • Professional real estate photography to capture your home from its best angles

  • Market analysis, to target the best possible guests

  • Creating the perfect listing title and description

Pricing & home policies

Our advanced technology ensures you’re always ahead of the competition with:

  • Daily rates updated every 12 hours 
  • Minimum and maximum stays automatically updated to match high/low demand


Cleaning & maintenance

Our teams work optimally to ensure your property is in mint condition. We only use the best products (approved by the European Medicines Agency). These services include:  


  •  Highly trained and certified cleaners 
  •  Property inspections to ensure everything is always in order 
  •  Keeping track of wear and tear & fixing damages on the spot

Guest Communication

We’re on 24/7 standby to assist visitors from the moment they book until they check out. Communication services include:

  • First Line Customer Support
  • Personal/self check-in
  • Local tips, restaurant reservations, etc.
  • Coordination of extra services (tours, car rentals, transfers, breakfast, etc.)


Transparency & Trust

At halu! we believe that trust is the key to a great partnership. That's why, after signing with halu!: 

  • You gain full access to our online Owner's portal, where you can find information on reservations, cleaning, maintenance and profits of your BnB.
  • We have quarterly meetings with you to share customer feedback and always improve your home's profitability. 
  • You can reserve your home for personal use.

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