Your company profitability starts with halu!

Business Planning & Strategy

 Together, we make your business visions and aspirations come to life. We calculate the potential of your business idea, formulate business plans, forecast revenues and stay by your side as your trusted and loyal partners. Specifically:


  • We formulate business plans to maximize your ROI and the value of your business idea.
  • Οur marketing team will design the appropriate business profile to approach the desired customer base.
  • We create pricing and development strategies to make sure your business is running in the most efficient & profitable way!

Distribution & Sales

We create a tailored selling & distribution strategy for your business, to maximize revenue and profit. 


  • Our developers create a professional custom website for your business, with the booking engine and PMS integrations of your choice. 
  • We list your business on 100+ OTAs and Metasearch platforms.
  • We develop a vast B2B network for your business, including our trusted OTA's, Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

Digital Marketing

Our expert Digital Marketing team, offers high-quality promotion and brand awareness for your business. Our aim is to maximize direct bookings and create a loyal customer base. Our services include:


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords campaigns (PPC, GDN, etc.)
  • Content creation for your Hotel Website
  • Social Media management on Facebook and Instagram, by creating viral content and managing your paid Social Media advertisements. 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Launches & campaigns

Our goal is to develop and implement a cost-effective, high-quality and targeted digital marketing action plan with quick measurable results.

Reservations & Guest Experience

From the moment a potential client submits a request, to the moment they check-out, it is our responsibility to make sure they have the perfect hospitality experience. This way, we minimize cancellations and maximize customer loyalty. 


  • We fully manage online and direct reservations, as well as unit availability.
  • Based on the pricing strategy we decide on, our systems adjust and distribute units and prices daily
  • We perform daily parity checks to ensure that direct bookings offer the best value for our clients.
  • Through our wide array of partners, we offer a complete personalized hospitality experience to your guests. From car rentals to restaurant reservations and excursions, we organize and handle everything.

Business Progress Reports

As the business owner, you can keep track of everything that is happening by using halu!'s Online Dashboard. From operations to management and business financials, our Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview. What's more, we perform scheduled quarterly meetings with you to discuss customer feedback, analyze financials and plan to ensure everything is going according to our business plan forecasts.

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